Roy stackhouse


 In 1984 Roy moved to the Okanagan to flee the monsoons of North Vancouver.  Roy has inhabited an eight by twelve foot cabin on the outskirts of Summerland for the past eleven years. This slightly tilted structure features electricity, running cold water and a skylight. 

Television and computer are absent and his obsolete flip phone is frequently turned off. “Such absences are conducive to artistic pursuit!” 

Side stepping marriage, children, and mortgages he has traveled solo on six continents; often walking for hours before hitch hiking or enlisting local transit. Roy believes that on foot one is “immersed” in a landscape with all five plus senses processing the way they are meant to.

Working with water colour pencils and sakura micro pens he fashioned these and other images over the past seven winters. 

Bull's Eye    $500

Bull's Eye    $500